Palisade Fencing

Fever Tree Fencing palisade is made out of a strong and durable galvanized slit coil which is very durable against rust/corrosion. There is absolutely no welding required on our products. Palisade fencing can be painted or epoxied to any color. The machinery used for the manufacturing of the palisade is a registered patent. Fever Tree fencing has a very good track record of previous projects completed.

Our professional installation team will make sure your palisade fencing is installed with great care, accuracy and good workmanship to ensure a product that the client can be proud off.



DIY Palisade fencing kits

Fever Tree Fencing offers handy clients to install our palisade fencing themselves. Advise on the palisade fencing installation will be provided as well as a step-by-step guide. Palisade fencing requirements and the material list can be provided as per clients specifications.

Are you an Installer? Palisade fencing and wall spikes

Fever tree fencing welcomes all installers to join in our success with palisade fencing installations and wall spikes. Fill in your details under “contact us” and information will be provided.